What’s Your Problem?

Maybe more important than figuring out your purpose in life, is to find out your problem in life, or more specifically, the problem God has given you to solve. I see so often the correlation of our purpose and our problem. When working with a team, the team must first discover it’s problem before it can ever move forward. If you don’t know what you are fighting, or fighting for, then in reality you are only fighting with yourself, or most likely your team. But when their is a clearly defined problem that you and your team recognize, then you can define victory, and what must take place in order for victory to be achieved.


“What is the Problem God has                                                                                                               given You to solve?”

In no better place is this a better example than in the sports world. A sports team always defines the problem,(losing) and it always defines the victory,(winning) and it is clearly understood. One winner, one loser.. Easy right? The problem is, identifying what victory is, is only 1/4th of the process. But none the less, you must identify.

It’s not always so easy with a team outside of sports. One of the reasons is because there are always so many problems that at times it can be hard to nail down the “One Problem”, but you must. When this is identified, then you can move to step two, “What is the solution”? This gets even more difficult, and not only because of the brainstorming, wisdom, life experience, and time put in to come up with a solution, but because in true team atmosphere, this must be a solution where everyone is invested emotionally.

You see i am a firm believer that people must buy in, before they pitch in. You have to commit peoples hearts to a cause and not a task. There are many tasks in life, there are many things that we “do” in life, but there are not many of us that can claim to be part of a cause. Only when everyone has put their opinions and concerns and ideas on the table can the team commit to a solution to the problem.

But this takes you as a leader bing able to clearly define the vision. What is the vision? What is your personal vision? What does it look like for you to win? These are the questions you must ask yourself. All this week I will be writing about vision. Everything from getting a Christ centered vision for your life, to getting a Vision for your family, to giving your life to passionately run after the vision God has given with wreckless abandonment. But first I have to ask you…..“What’s Your Problem?” 

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