We Are Launching

Our Launch at Rave Cinemas is almost here Covenant! I’m so excited I can barely sleep! The team has been working so hard to make sure that the worship experience for both adults and kids alike, is going to be one that you can be really proud of when bringing your friends. I just CANNOT wait for you to see it. WOW. I think we all are getting the sense that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves here. There is such a great anticipation and momentum heading into this Sunday. Here are a couple quick thoughts pertaining to this upcoming Sunday as we launch at 10AM…

#1- Remember you are standing in the Gap. You may be the only opportunity someone has to hear about  Jesus. Do not miss any opportunity that you might have to invite someone to Covenant this weekend. Remember that you are not accountable to, “save” anyone, that is the job of the Holy Spirit. However, it is our job to clear a path for the gospel, and to invite people to experience Christ. For this reason, you should be a bringer. Be a person who is marked by your love for Christ in your everyday life, not just your Sunday mornings. Step out in boldness and invite, invite, invite. Do whatever it takes to get people in a position where they have the chance to hear the gospel.

#2- This Sunday we begin our new series, “YU.” We are going to be talking about the bigger vision that God has for our lives. I’ve been waiting to preach through this series for a while now. In fact, this has been burning inside my chest since last May. I cannot wait to get it out of my soul.

#3- Pray with expectationNaw, bump that, pray with HUGE EXPECTANCY! I want to encourage you to pray prayers over our church that are so big, so huge, so immense, that they seem imposible. Pray prayers that are outside the realm of what you think is realistic. If we serve a God who is greater than anything we could ever imagine, then our prayers should reflect it. So be sure as you pray to pray BIG. And when you pray, remember to pray for people and not just numbers. Pray specifically for people by name. Pray for the woman at the coffee shop, pray for your boss, pray for your husband or wife, and pray that God will stir in their heart to join you this Sunday. Pray that God would move like never before, pray that His presence is evident in our church like never before, pray that God will continue to draw all people to Himself, and pray for a great Harvest this Sunday!

#4- Our Volunteers are amazing! I’m so thankful for so many of you stepping up and taking ownership of YOUR church! There is no telling what God can do with a group of people who are sold out for Him, and who are sold out to the fact that God wants to use HIS church as the vehicle to reach this world.

#5- I am praying for you! As your pastor, I want you to know how proud I am of you, and the fact that we are all stepping out of faith in this move. Just remember that daily, I am lifting up the names of the people who call Covenant their home. I love being your pastor, and I love our church. Let’s make an impact that will be felt by our children’s children, let’s take back the land that God has promised us, and let’s pray that God moves mightily beyond all of our understanding. 

Stay Strong,

-Pastor Travis

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