The Sons Of Sceva

In the book of Acts chapter nineteen starting in verse eleven, we see a unique story. It’s a story about a group of guys who are intrigued by the power Paul has, and the name that He is making for himself. Paul is literally traveling from place to place casting out demons, and healing the sick all in the name of Jesus. In fact, the only reason that Paul is doing this is because he is wanting to spread the name of Jesus, not the name of Paul.

But the boys of sceva don’t see it this way.

They see power, and they see fame. So what do they do? Well the boys go and corner a man who is possessed and they begin to pray over the man. The boy’s of sceva say, “We cast you out, in the name of Jesus Christ who Paul has witnessed.” Then something hilarious happens. The demon actually says, “……i know of Jesus….i even know of Paul….but who are you?” And with that, the demon possessed man attacks the boys of sceva. It actually say’s that the demon possessed man, “leaped” on them, wounding them and sending them out the door running and screaming.

Often in ministry it is easy to not count the cost. However there is always a cost to count. And before you just jump in, and do something, it is important that you know what you are doing, and you know what you are getting yourself into (for the most part.) God is always looking to use people who say, “WHENEVER, WHEREVER, WHATEVER” but this does not give you a licence to be an idiot. God has given you a brain for a reason, He has given you the ability to reason and think….for a reason. Don’t just jump into something and pretend that you know what you are doing.




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