Somethings Gotta Change!

There was a time when Christianity didn’t just drive the culture, it actually created it. Think, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, think, “Sistine Chapel”, think,  “The Statue of David”. Christianity created the culture. Everything from music, art, politics, and literature. However somewhere along the way secular thought, and humanistic reasoning took root and Christianity stood by the wayside seemingly helpless in its endeavors.

And somewhere along the way we’ve accepted the place that’s been given to us. Christians have become ok with being emulators of culture rather than innovators of culture. We’ve allowed ourselves to produce a second rate product, and hidden behind an excuse. An excuse that says, if it’s Christian it doesn’t have to be as good. It’s expected that, “Christian Music”, “Christian Art”, etc. is not going to be as good as what the outside world can produce.

But hold on a minute, shouldn’t we have a different view? Shouldn’t we have the understanding that if it’s Christian it should be better? Since when did we think it was alright to lower our expectations? Don’t we serve a creative God, who made all that we know to be? His beauty at every corner, His handiwork and craftsmanship in every person? So therefore it stands to reason that, “we”, as people who have the Holy Spirit living in us, should be raising the bar on creativity, and not just regurgitating it.

We cannot be ok with sub-par art, but rather we must expect more.

We should not be content with poor worship experiences in our churches filled with bad art and  awful music, but rather in everything that we do, we should strive for the best, we should strive for excellence, we should strive to lay it all out for our King and say that we gave our best! Everything should be marked with this heightened excellence, our marriages, our families, our businesses, our communication, our churches, our organizations…All of these things should be so compelling that they drive people to the Gospel. It’s just frustrating that most times we do the opposite.

Where are the innovators? Where are the revolutionaries? Where are the creators of culture? Where are the difference makers? It’s time to raise the standard and start saying, “If its Christian, it should be better!” Our God is worth it, and our Savior is due it! May we go forth today and demand more of ourselves and the things we create! Whatever your livelihood, do it to the best of your ability! Musicians, artists, stay at home moms, businessmen, pastors, school teachers, janitors, writers etc., don’t allow society to put a ceiling on what you can accomplish, but rather, remember the words of Paul in Romans 8:11 when the Bible tells us that, “…the same power that raised Christ from the dead…now lives in us…”  This means you have a connection with the most creative, most innovative, most intelligent, most powerful being in all of the cosmos. Tap into that power source today and lets clear a path for the Gospel in our culture today!

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