Set Up The Altars

Yesterday was an amazing day in the life of our church, baptizing nearly 30 people during our Sunday Worship Experience. It’a incredible to be a part of what God is doing at Covenant, i’m  so excited! In fact, I think that’s the general tone that I sense in our church right now, EXCITEMENT.  And here’s the truth, it’s OK to be excited about what God is doing in your church! It’s OK to be excited about seeing your friends come to Christ! It’s OK to be excited about your friends taking the next step in obedience by getting baptized. In fact it’s not just OK to be excited about these things, it’s important to be excited about What God has done.

Our Old Testament heroes had a tradition of setting up altars at specific times in their faith journey to show where and when God had moved. These, “markers”, were physical landmarks and reminders of Gods previous faithfulness. But they also served another purpose. See, while they did serve a purpose of showing what God HAD done, they also served as a reminder of what God was GOING to do. It was never the intent to set up an altar to what God had done, and then just stay there forever, it was also a call to move forward. To step into the, “next”. To celebrate what He has done and then look forward in excitement over what He is going to do. You see, Gods previous faithfulness is always the greatest indicator of His future provision. 

God has already done so much through our church and God has already been so faithful to us, and that’s why we say with confidence that the best is yet to come. And so we need to be a people that live in that. We need to be a people that celebrate that. We need to be a people that remember all that God has done, while looking ahead with excitement for what He is going to do by His grace.

Take some time today to meditate on what God has done, and then take a moment today to thank Him in advance for what He is about to do. Lets be a people who look ahead with great anticipation for how God is going to move while giving Him all the glory for what He has already done.



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