Brown Baggin’

Don’t forget about the Brown Bag Food Drop happening tomorrow!  We need LOTS of volunteers to help deliver the bags on Sunday!!!!  Plan to join us for an hour after church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community!
Drop off your filled brown bag.  If you were unable to pick up a bag, feel free to grab your own.  Here is a list of the suggested groceries to fill your bag:  cereal grain bars, canned chili x2, canned fruit, tuna, canned soup with vegetables x2, peanut butter, macaroni & cheese, instant oatmeal, dry pasta, and spaghetti sauce.
Bring your family and Roll out with us as we deliver the bags!  We will give you a map to the community after church.  Meet us at the site and we will give you a couple of addresses and bags of food.  The community we are visiting is full of forgotten needs.  Many of the families and seniors literally do not know where they will get their next meal.  What an incredible opportunity we have to love them!

A Letter To Covenant Church

Hey Church! We are in such an amazing season right now! God has really been at work all summer long, and I can honestly say, that I have NEVER been as excited and pumped about our Church as I am right now! Here are a couple of highlights from this week and a few ways for you to get even more involved!

#1- This past Sunday we had a ViP and Volunteer Luncheon, and I can truly say that I was blown away! We had nearly 100 people who stayed after our worship experience to hear about the vision, leadership and direction of Covenant, and we also had 56 new people sign up to Volunteer at Covenant! WOW! We are a volunteer driven church, so we place a high emphasis and value on those who serve, and I for one couldn’t be more excited! Special thanks goes out to Jamie Miller our Volunteer Director for making this day happen, and also a special thanks to Amanda Mishnee and the cKids vols. who stayed to watch all of the children. If you are not serving in a postion at Covenant, or if you didn’t get the chance to sign up to volunteer this past Sunday, email our Volunteer Director at  and see how you can get plugged in!


#2- All this week we have been spending time working out the kinks at Rave Cinemas for our upcoming campus move. Everything from lights and sound, kids check in and storage. We have been so blessed to be provided with such a great new atmosphere that will not only allow for much more needed space, but also put us in a place of high visibility in our community. It’s gonna be awesome! I absolutely cannot wait for you to see what is in store at this new location. Remember to be inviting everyone you know to be your ViP on September 16th at 10AM. I really think God is going to do something special that day!


#3- I celebrated my 8 year anniversary with my wife Vanessa this past monday. Pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. This doesn’t really have anything to do with you, but it should earn me a few brownie points for putting it in my post. I’m so thankful to do life and ministry with my best friend. I know a lot of Pastors say this about their wife, but I can truly say that I mean it.  She is an amazing woman, and she get’s more beautiful with every passing year. I on the other hand just stay at the same level of pale, white, red-headedness. 


#4- Starting this Sunday you will have the opportunity to sign up to be a part of our Doorhanger Handout. This will be taking place on Sunday evening at 6pmon the 9th of September. We will meet up behind Rave Cinemas and pray/divide up/ and head out in teams. We will be handing out 5,000 doorhangers in Grove City in preparation for our 9/16 launch. And we want YOU to sign up and serve! We are praying that we have 100 people who commit to giving an hour of their time that Sunday evening. If this is the case, we will knock these doorhangers out of the park, and if not, it’s gonna be a long week for me LOL! SIGN UP —> SERVE —> MAKE AN IMPACT!


#5- Not only do we place a high value on our ViP’s and Volunteers, but we also place a high value on our children (cKids) at Covenant as well. We want to invest in the next generation, provide them with a venue to flourish and learn, and have them fall in love with Jesus in a nurturing atmosphere. Many of you have asked if there would be items that you could donate or purchase in the transition to our new campus, in fact, so many of you have asked (I love this by the way!) that I decided to make a list of items that you could invest in by purchasing or donating to our cKids ministry. Here is a comprehensive list broken down by age categories. Bring your donations and or purchases to church this Sunday and the next, and we will have an area in the front lobby where we will be collecting these items. If you have any further questions please e-mail


Baby Bug Needs

  • small stereo w/ some classical whimsical music
  • bumbo (1)
  • diapers (sizes 2,3,4) many many many (target has their own brand that are very reasonable)
  • diaper wipes (please NON scented. We need more of these than you can imagine! 1000’s)
  • lysol disinfecting wipes (also target has a great generic brand cheaper than ‘lysol’)
  • hand sanitizer
  • snacks (kix, cheerios NO honey nut, baby ‘puffs’ in the infant section, goldfish like mad, plain animal crackers)
  • tissues
  • a few onesies of different sizes~ short and long sleeved (for when accidents and blow outs occur)
  • pack n play (neutral)
  • some books with “hard” pages. Please no pop outs. Babies eat these 🙂

  • small stereo w/ preschool fun worship cds
  • diaper wipes (again non scented)
  • lysol disinfecting wipes (see above)
  • legos (the larger ones like mega blocks~ BIG bag at walmart is super cheap. Need in boy and girl colors (bins would be amazing)
  • Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Set for boys and girls
  • Lots of cars, big ones, little ones, anything that has wheels for the boys
  • baby dolls
  • snacks~goldfish (different flavors, animal crackers, kix, animal cookies, cheez its, etc) No nuts or peanut butter things please
  • crayons (larger would be FANTASTIC, tons and tons)
  • construction paper
  • hand sanitizer

Grade School
  • small clipboards
  • crayons (tons and tons, big and small)
  • colored pencils
  • regular pencils
  • construction paper
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • cups (for crayon distribution~plastic)

I can’t wait for this Sunday! Bring your friends, come with lost of anticipation, and let’s see God continue to move mightily on our behalf!
-Pastor Travis


One of the greatest things a leader can give his staff is the permission and thefocus to not do everything. You don’t need to create outlets for every need out there. When we get to busy with the “everything” we lose the focus of the “one thing.” What is the one thing you are most passionate about? Find that thing and run, don’t look back, don’t even look to the side, run as hard, and as fast as you can forward. Put all your energy, all your time, all your passion into making that one thing great. And when you find yourself at a crossroads in your leadership, when you find that that one thing begins to branch into other things, empower others.

Christ could have spent his entire life healing people, or bringing people back from the dead. he could have spent years of his life performing miracle after miracle after miracle, and in the process He could have made alot of people very happy, wealthy and healthy. So why did Jesus not spend the vast amount of His time doing this? Because this is not the reason He came. He specifically came to, “seek and save that which is lost.”

In fact what Christ spent the most time dong was leading and empowering others, one in the same I believe. He knew that if His message was to truly become successful He must pour His life into others. Otherwise when He left, His message would follow suit shortly after.

You are too busy doing ministry and not reaching people

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