Backwards and Forwards

So, it’s wednesday which means it’s about the midway point between last Sunday’s worship experience and this upcoming Sunday’s worship experience. So I thought I would give a little recap of last Sunday and a little sneak peak at this upcoming Sunday.

Last Sunday at Covenant

#1-We launched at our new campus in Grove City, Rave Cinemas.

#2-It was awesome

#3-Our Volunteers killed it!

#4-Our cKids workers pulled off an amazing experience for our kids

#5-We had over 300 people show up

#6-The Worship was huge!

#7-We launched our cLifeGroups with a record number of people getting involved

#8-God’s Word was taught

#9-We challenged you to ask for stronger vision from God for your life

#10-We challenged you to bring a friend this upcoming Sunday

This Upcoming Sunday at Covenant

#1-I think we are entering into one of the greatest seasons our church has ever seen, and this Sunday is going to be evidence of that.

#2-We will be in week two of our, “YU, The Human Element,” series. I’m preaching from the book of Joshua, and how God commanded Him to, “Take Back The Land.” I can’t wait to preach this message

#3-The creative element for this Sunday is off the charts amazing….that’s all I can say…wow…seriously…

#4-We will be highlighting one of our Covenant Global Outreach Partners, “Living Water International.” Very cool non profit. You should partner with them if you are not doing so already. You can do so here —>

#5- You will walk away hopefully more challenged and more empowered than ever before.

#6-We will have earplugs….for real this time! LOL

I love our church, and I can’t wait for this Sunday to come. Join me as we pray with great expectation that our God would move in our City and our church in a mighty way! See you this Sunday!

-Pastor Travis

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