One of the greatest things a leader can give his staff is the permission and thefocus to not do everything. You don’t need to create outlets for every need out there. When we get to busy with the “everything” we lose the focus of the “one thing.” What is the one thing you are most passionate about? Find that thing and run, don’t look back, don’t even look to the side, run as hard, and as fast as you can forward. Put all your energy, all your time, all your passion into making that one thing great. And when you find yourself at a crossroads in your leadership, when you find that that one thing begins to branch into other things, empower others.

Christ could have spent his entire life healing people, or bringing people back from the dead. he could have spent years of his life performing miracle after miracle after miracle, and in the process He could have made alot of people very happy, wealthy and healthy. So why did Jesus not spend the vast amount of His time doing this? Because this is not the reason He came. He specifically came to, “seek and save that which is lost.”

In fact what Christ spent the most time dong was leading and empowering others, one in the same I believe. He knew that if His message was to truly become successful He must pour His life into others. Otherwise when He left, His message would follow suit shortly after.

You are too busy doing ministry and not reaching people

Lead Well

Recently i’ve realized that lots of people like to talk about leading, but few rarely do. (at least not in a good way)

When it comes down to it, people like the accolades of leadership, the upfront, take the credit, im the one who did it all myself leadership. But if that’s you, then your not a leader. The purpose of leadership is not to take the credit, In fact, to lead, you have to be willing to give power away.

While micro management works at small levels, in order to achieve true success, you must be willing to empower others. So in essence, as a leader, you are constantly calling those around you to give themselves away.

So enough from the people who stand up and take credit, enough from the people that LEAD out of position. I want to see true leadership in action. A team that operates under a clear, simple vision, and a team that is constantly giving way to the other members of the team. This is when success is achieved, this is the battleground where true leadership is forged. In the trenches with each other, laying down your life so that the person behind you can achieve what you’ve only dreamed.

Leave Nothing

With champions, success is never unexpected; it’s a natural result that comes from the continuous, unselfish, unrelenting determination to win; never letting down; never letting outside influences into the game. –Henry Mackay

What would life look like if we gave everything we had and left nothing.

If we went after those far from Christ with tenacity and endurance, if we lived out our relationship with Christ in constant victory, if we put our hopes and dreams and every last ounce of energy we had into changing this world for Christ. This is how Christ is calling us to live now. As followers of Christ, we must actively seek Him, we must consciously reach others and we mustprayerfully check ourselves. Be the champion that God has and is calling you to be. Give everything and leave nothing.

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