fortitude-1: strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage

I think that sometimes we as followers of Christ see adversity as a road block, when in fact it should be viewed as more of a green light. When you are spiritually attacked, or when you are doing the work of the Lord and problems arise this should push us even more to know that we are on the right track. Don’t get me wrong, you must first live with integrity, character, prayer and wise counsel, but after all this, if adversity roars, you have to have the reliance on Christ to move forward, you have to have the depth in the word to know what your next move is, you have to have the strenth in prayer to shut it up, and you have to have the fortitude to dominate your enemy and strive for victory.

That’s the great thing about living with God-Powered-Fortitude, it’s really not up to you, you only need to be faithful to what He has called you to do. The rest is up to Him.


If you are a Christ follower, then you must constantly be on the move. Most people stand still in their Christianity content to live in failure. But why would you want to live in failure? Why would you want to live in defeat? So often we as believers live our lives in a so, “woe is me”, attitude. I believe God is looking for warriors. I believe God is looking for fighters. I believe God is looking for strong men and women who are not afraid to stand up, push the limit, fight, and move ahead in victory for the cause of Christ.

We as followers of Christ were never called to live sub-par lives, we were never called to live in bondage to our sins, we were never called to live as slaves of this world. The moment you put your trust in Christ, is the moment that you were called out of slavery, it’s the very moment your chains were broken, you were and are called to not just live in victory, you are called todominate this world for the name of Jesus.

And that is why you need to move.

Domination never comes from standing still, domination always has a plan, a strategy, a clear path to victory. Domination doesn’t just win, it embarrasses, and humiliates, and leaves it’s competition in a cloud of dust. Domination doesn’t just run past it’s opponent, it runs over it’s opponent and leaves the cleat marks on it’s face. Domination is what we are called to live in as believers.

In order to dominate this world for the name of Jesus Christ, we must move. No longer can we as believers afford churches were we stand still or act scared. Where we fill our pews with complainers and whiners, and divisive people that tear at the very fabric of Christianity. No longer can we afford to be hypocrites, adulterers, and thieves of Joy. No longer can our churches stand to be watered down, nominal, boring, irrelevant places that we call God’s home, yet God calls empty.

It is time for us as believers to put up, or shut up. Play ball or go home.

It is time for believers to take the victory that was given to them by Jesus Christ when He hung on the cross and said, “It is Finished”.

I don’t want to live my life letting those words that Christ uttered in anguish from the cross, be said in vain. I wont live my life letting that act of selflessness and total grace go down for nothing.

I will fight

I will have victory

I will strive

I will move

I will dominate.

Not for myself, not for my ego, not for my church, but for my King.

For the LORD your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory.”-Deuteronomy

Please Don’t Call Yourself A Christian

Recently I saw an article published by Newsweek saying that we are pretty much living in a post Christian era for the United States. The percentage of people that don’t believe in God have doubled since the nineties. Alot of people have been quick to jump on the media, or teachers at schools, or even our new president for this. However the blame cannot fall on these people. The blame does not fall on Hollywood, the blame does not fall on musical artists, in fact the blame doesn’t even fall on the “European Mindset wafting it’s way to America.”

The Blame Is Soely On The Church.

That’s right, the blame is on me and you. In fact, I use the term, “church” loosely. You see, the, “church”, has been so inward focused for so long, that it has forgotten that it was never meant to be about, “us.” It was only ever supposed to be about “Him”. And being about , “Him”, means being about “others”. Being about “Him”, means being about “others” that don’t know “Him” more specifically.

It was never supposed to be about “us”. It makes me sick to think that Jesus came to save “others” from people like “us”. We have become the “us” that Jesus disassociates with. We have become the “us”, that Jesus called white washed tombs, we have become the “us”, that Jesus said did not know “Him”.

I mean, how could we know “Him”, if we are only concerned with ourselves, our preferences, our comfort levels, our money, “our” way of worship. This is why Jesus spent so little time with religious people, they made Him sick. And now more than ever, I feel like the word “Christian” needs to be brutally reclaimed. Here are a couple thoughts:

if you are only concerned with how you were effected by the service on Sunday


if you don’t ever share your faith…..ever


if you are only concerned with judging people instead of first loving them


if you are not investing in the lives of those younger than you


if all you do is complain and cause dissension


Please understand….I’m not saying you aren’t a christian, I’m just asking you to call yourself something else. You are giving everyone a disgusting taste in their mouth and labeling it biblical. Christ’s church will survive, only through the strength of Jesus shown through an outward focused lifestyle that draws those who are far from “Him”, close to “Him”.

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