Clean Your Room

James 1:22- But be doers of the word, and not hearers only…

I have a 6 year old boy, a 3 year old girl, and a 10 month old son, so you can imagine that keeping things clean and in order can become quite the nightmare at our house for my wife Vanessa and I. Toys here, books there, clothing under there, it really is a full time job just keeping things tidy! However, even though our kids are young, we expect them to keep their rooms clean.( with the exception of our 10 month old. I think that could get frustrating for all of us!) But this got me thinking, and see if this makes sense to you…

Here’s the scenario,

I call my son Noah and say, “Noah, I want you to clean your room. Make sure you make your bed is made and your toys are picked up. And what if Noah said, “Yes, Sir!” And trotted off for an hour or so up to his room. This sounds great right?

But, what if after that hour or so my son came back downstairs and told me, “Dad, I memorized what you asked me to do! You asked me to clean my room! And you asked me to make my bed and make sure my toys were picked up! Aren’t you proud of me? I memorized what you asked of me! In fact, I took to heart what you said so much dad, that I called some of my friends, and they are going to come over, and we are going to meet upstairs in my messy room, and talk about what it would look like if I cleaned my room, and we are going to study what it means to actually ,”clean one’s room”. Aren’t you pleased dad?”

My answer to my son would be, “NO! I am not pleased, cause you didn’t actually CLEAN YOUR ROOM!” And i would tell him, “Don’t just repeat back to me what I said, actually do what i told you to do!”

Sounds strange right?

However, this is what we do with Christ every day. We would rather talk about God’s commands then carry them out. We gather together with other friends and talk about what it means to follow Christ. We get together with accountability partners and we talk about what we feel God is calling us to do. We show up on a Sunday to a church service and we talk about what it would look like if this happened, or that happend. But i have to imagine that at some point our Father, God Himself is saying, LESS TALKING, MORE DOING!

See, it’s not enough to discuss, it’s not enough to strategize, it’s not even enough to just memorize, James tells us in scripture we must, “be doers of the word and not hearers only.”

If we ever really want to see Real Change take place in our lives and in our City then today we must start doing something for the Kingdom of God. What have you done this week for the cause of Christ? How have you made an eternal investment? So when it comes to being obedient its gonna require, Less Talky and more Walky.



This past Sunday (Growth Sunday) for me was very freeing as a Pastor.(if you missed it, you can check it out here, )  I love the times when I am truly able to share straight from my heart. I really felt God’s presence in our Church this past Sunday, and I am so thankful for that. With all of this in mind, I wanted to take a moment to remind you of a few things from this past Sunday, and also challenge you on a few points for our upcoming worship experience this Sunday.



When we share God’s love, we show God’s heart.

This week as you go thru your normal routine, pray that God will place opportunities in your path for you to share God’s love with people in common, simple ways. But be prepared, because He will do it.


Less Mooing, and More Moving!

To be honest, this was one of my favorite points of the day. Remember, we as a church are not called to stand around and just feel safe and docile! We are wild, we are untamed, we are the Church of the living God……….ACT LIKE IT! Remember God has called us to stampede through this world, and not just stand around and mooooooo!


Start With, “Why”

Why do you exist? Why do you do what you do? Why does the church (Covenant) exist? And even more, why did Jesus come to this earth? According to Luke 19:10, Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. This must be the heartbeat of our Church. This is our, “why”! We exist to seek and to save the lost…PERIOD! There is so much that we could do, there is so much that we can do, but if we don’t seek out people far from God and invite them into a relationship with Him, then what have we truly accomplished? So remember, people don’t buy your “what’s”, they buy your, “why”. Let’s be a people that are more concerned with accomplishing Jesus’ “why”, then just fulfilling our preferred, “what’s”!



#1-Arrive (BEFORE 10AM!!!) with the expectancy that God is going to speak to you this Sunday.

#2-Bring someone that needs Jesus to the first week of our new series, “The Real Change Campaign”. Check out this link for our new series.

#3-We’ve dubbed this month, “No Miss November.” Most people on average come to church once or twice a month. Imagine how things would be different if we all showed up at the same time! I wanna see that happen.

#4-I’m asking that you…YEAH YOU, reading this right now, would get on your knees and pray your face off for our church like you have never prayed before. Each and every day for the remainder of this week, pray by yourself, pray with your friends, and pray with your family for our church. And don’t just read this and walk away, actually do it!

Pray for the leadership at Covenant, pray for me as your Pastor, pray for our city, and pray that God would unleash Himself in our midst. I truly believe that if we all prayed with expectancy that there is NO TELLING WHAT GOD COULD DO!!! I want to see what happens, don’t you? Remember that God’s dreams for His Church are always greater than Our dreams for His Church. So, let’s align ourselves with God’s expectations for His church. Let’s dream bigger, lets pray bigger and let’s expect more. Pray that God would grow our church, pray that God would use Covenant to seek and save the lost, pray that God would move this upcoming Sunday, and all through this month like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

I can’t wait for Sunday. I’m expecting GREAT things.

-Pastor Travis


Focus Your Life

Now Abraham was old, well advanced in years. And the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things. (Genesis 24:1 ESV)

The next ten years can be the greatest of your life. They can become a Decade of Destiny, where your life is focused and, as a result, you’re able to make an impact in all you do.

To get where you believe God wants you to go and be what you know God wants you to be, there are several steps you need to take that will get you focused —

First, determine your present position — You’ve got to know where you are before you can know where you are going. To do that, ask yourself two questions:

Where am I now? Where are you spiritually, financially, emotionally, relationally, physically, and occupationally?

What would I like to change? In all of those areas you identified, what would you like to be different?

God promised Abraham that he would become the father of a great nation. But in Genesis 24, we find Abraham is now an old man and his son, Isaac, still doesn’t have any children yet. Abraham assessed the situation and, as a result, he sent his servant, Eliezer, to find a wife for Isaac.

An important principle here is that it is never too late for you to make a change in your life, even though making the change may take longer than you think. This is why you can’t procrastinate. You can either drift through the next ten years or you can have direction over the next ten years. God wants you to have direction.

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