Jesus Is Enough

WOW! What an awesome day at Covenant yesterday! It just keeps getting better and better! I can honestly say that I am more excited about our church right now then I have ever been before. It is so encouraging to see people week after week becoming more passionate for the pure message of Jesus. Here is a little recap of yesterday…

-We had an awesome Volunteer Pre-Game featuring, Evan “Hype Man” Nicol. For those of you who don’t know what our Pre-Game is, let me explain. This is a time we set aside before our worship experience begins to worship, honor and pray with all of our volunteers. From cKids volunteers to parking lot volunteers to greeters, ushers and everyone in-between. We really take creating a culture of ownership seriously, and we want to honor those around us who are willing to grow in their leadership.

-Yesterday we had kids coming out our ears! Thankfully Josie Semo our cKids director, and her cohorts Vanessa Davenport and Emily Eichar, staff and run a tight ship when it comes to raising up the next generation of leaders.

-Our Imax screen kept going all “static-ee” on us during our worship experience. This goes to show that even when you prepare, plan and pray, stuff goes wrong sometimes. I’m thankful for Seth and his production team for having level heads and pulling us through what otherwise could have been a huge distraction.

-Seth and the band sang, “Heartbeat” which is an original song, and easily one of my favorite songs PERIOD. The band was loud, but at one point the voices singing it from offstage overpowered the voices singing it onstage. (I love it when that happens) I am loving the original music that is coming out of our church.

-We worked through week two of our, “Betterthanville” series. I am starting to love this series, and yesterday was no exception.

-I don’t know if I have ever felt so much freedom when preaching, it was amazing.

-One of the sticking points for me personally was when we talked about Barabbas and that we are all Barabbas. We are the ones who God allowed to go free on that stage with Pilot, and that Christ willingly took our place and took the cross that deservedly was ours. Powerful image.

-We had many many many ViP’s yesterday, and many return ViP’s who visited for the first time on Easter. We are already beginning to talk about what it will look like to add a second worship experience on our Sunday mornings. LOVE IT

-Easily my favorite moment of the day was at the close of the worship experience. Our entire church rose to their feet, lifted their hands and worshiped together with one voice these following lines,

“Halleluia, Halleluia, Your stripes have set me free, Halleluia, Halleluia, Deaths Grip No More Has A Hold On Me!”

An awesome day indeed! I already cannot wait for this next Sunday’s installment of #Betterthanville. See you Sunday!


This Weekend

I figured if I am spending time preparing and praying with a lot of expectation for God to move in our church this Sunday, it’s only fair that you would be doing the same as owners. Here are some tangible ways that you can get ready for our upcoming worship experience at Covenant this weekend.

-Pray that people who are Far From Christ, show up this weekend and meet Jesus. And by praying I don’t mean, “Just tossin’ one up to the Big Guy.” What I mean is getting down on your knees, and begging the King of all creation to literally change peoples minds and hearts, and direct them to Covenant this Sunday, and that these people will encounter Jesus and the Gospel in an irresistible and dynamic way forever changing the navigation and legacy of their lives for eternity.

-Pray that God’s presence and Spirit would fall on us as we worship Him through song this Sunday. Lift up Seth and the band in prayer as they lead us to the foot of God’s throne in our worship experience.

-Think of 3 people that you want to see at Covenant this Sunday. Begin claiming those people for Jesus Christ, in the power of Jesus name everyday up to our Worship Experience.

-Thank God for His favor and His blessing in your life, and in the life of our church.

-Beg God to use us as a church to make an impact so huge in this generation that the name of Jesus cannot go ignored.

-Ask God to speak to you and your family through His Word this weekend, and prepare your heart with that in mind.

-Show up Sunday expecting to see people come to Christ. Show up Sunday expecting to see people return to Jesus.

-Pray for me as your pastor and my family

-Picture in your mind our theater filled to capacity twice over with new believers. All of whom are singing and lifting their hands in worship, praising their King who set them free from bondage. Picture it. Pray for it. Claim it. Expect it.

Listen, it would be easy to sit back and JUST reflect on what God has done. And this is good, we SHOULD pause to reflect on baptizing 30 people, we should thank God for allowing us to see 32 people come to Christ in one service, we should be grateful for God packing out His house on Easter. But what i’m saying is this, let’s not stop and JUST look back at all God has DONE, but rather, let’s thank God for what has been accomplished and then press on into what God HAS for us. Because I truly believe our best days are ahead of us as a church. There WILL BE a day when we see hundreds baptized in a day, there WILL BE a day when thousands come to Christ in a single weekend, there WILL BE a day when we are praising God for the 50th church we have planted and the 15th campus that we have launched. There is a world out there that needs Jesus, and we are called to Seek and Save The Lost. So let’s move, let’s go! Don’t stop, don’t let up for even a minute! Press in and push on! We have been empowered by our Savior King to win this world for Him. So, let’s see the name of Jesus made famous across this globe. I can’t wait to see you this Sunday.


Easter Sunday Recap

WOW, WOW, WOW, what a day to say the least! Easter is always one of those days where you anticipate God moving in a strong way, but yesterday at Covenant was another level. And for me it wasn’t as much the fact that we packed out our auditorium, it wasn’t as much the fact that we had amazing worship (which we did) it wasn’t even the fact that we had TONS of ViP’s. I think for me the reason why yesterday was so special was because I truly felt Gods presence and favor in our gathering. I love knowing that you are in the presence of Christ, there is nothing like it. I live for that stuff. If you couldn’t make it out yesterday, here are some highlights for you.

-We opened up our worship experience by celebrating the nearly 30 people who the week before decided to take the next step in obedience by being baptized.
-We nearly broke 400 in our attendance!
-Our Volunteers (as always) did a KILLER JOB making people feel honored. Extra props to our Ushers and Parking Lot Crew for great people flow. We really do have world class volunteers led by our Volunteer Director Jamie Miller. If you are interested in volunteering stop by the White Tent after the Worship Experience for some details.
-We began week one of our new series entitled, “Betterthanville”. I am really excited about this series. I’ve been looking forward to preaching through it for about 4 months now. We are talking about the fact that today, Church has become more of a museum for the saints rather than a hospital for the broken.
We saw over 30 people make first time decisions to give their lives to Jesus! Whoo Hoo!
-Our cKids director Josie Semo and her volunteers set up an amazing experience for our children. Big bouncy house, mini golf, and of course creative new ways to talk about Jesus. Awesome.
-I also was informed that our Baby Bug Volunteers set a record too! Changing 26 diapers in one day! Way to go guys! Changing the culture just took on a whole new meaning!
-The atmosphere in our church right now is absolutely electric. I don’t know that i’ve ever been around a community of people who have more expectancy over what God is going to do. I cannot wait for this Sunday!

Check out some of the photography from this past Sunday at Covenant.


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